What companies look for in young ICT specialists

What companies look for in young ICT specialists

At the Annual conference of Telecentre Europe, held in Belgrade on 24th September this year, we had the occasion to hear perspectives from the industry on what skills they expect young people interested in ICT careers to have.

Elmars Gengers, the CEO of “TIETO” Ltd ( Latvia), the leading IT services company in the Baltics, told us about the IT service industry, how it is adapting to the consumers and what kind of skills they look for when hiring.

MAR_7770He started his presentation by reminding the auidience that any breakthrough and advancement in IT industry happens because of innovation. Today the IT services industry is not so much about software but about reaching out to the customers and adapting to their needs.

People want three things from technology: that it can “do more with less”, that they can access everything quickly and on any device (especially the mobile phone) and that all services are 24/7.”

This means that ICT practitioners need to be always thinking ahead. But more importantly they need to understand concrete business needs. For this they need to be creative and capable of working with people and teams across disciplines.

For his company TIETO Latvia, the biggest challenge when it comes to hiring is that they cannot predict, even if a candidate comes with great talent and knowledge, how that candidate will solve concrete problems. What they look for is people who are brave enough to ask questions, have analytical thinking skills and who can thrive in a complex world where things should be made very simple and intuitive.

For a full presentation please go to Telecentre Europe’s Slideshare account

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