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Telecentre Europe

Telecentre Europe and its members at the General Assembly 2015

In today’s knowledge based society digital technologies represent a gateway to economic and social development. Although more than 75% of Europeans are Internet users, many others are still missing out: the elderly, the poor and those living in rural areas. Moreover, even those that are connected often do not know what opportunities exist in the digital sphere in terms of employment, but also personal and professional development and an improved communication with others, in their own community and beyond.

Telecentre Europe aspires to play a prominent role in getting Europeans digitally savvy by motivating telecentres and other NGOs in the field to continue training people in basic and advanced digital skills and opening them up to opportunities. Without strong support from public bodies and private institutions, we cannot make it happen! Telecentre Europe works to make sure digital literacy and digital skills are high on the political agenda.

Telecentre Europe is a European non-for-profit organisation (NGO) and a member based association with a central office in Brussels, Belgium. It represents publicly funded telecentres/telecentre networks, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and libraries across Europe where children and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up do date with technology  and community developments. All our members and partners believe that Information and Communication technology has an enormous potential to combat social exclusion and poverty.

Telecentre Europe coordinates a number of projects, programmes and campaigns that empower people through ICT. One such initiative is the Get Online Week, taking place every year in March. The Fit4Jobs project is also an opportunity to support TE’s members, especially through communication and dissemination of the activities in their countries.

Any organisation that works in field of the digital empowerment of individuals and communities can join Telecentre Europe as a Member. Private companies and other organisations interested in our work can join us as Partners.


Masha Tarle, Communications Manager


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