Selection process of candidates in Portugal

Selection process of candidates in Portugal

The selection of candidates for the Fit4Jobs trainings is in the spotlight at the moment. Selecting the right candidates for the trainings is crucial for the success of the initiative, as many will later go on the work in the fields that require digital skills. Companies have high expectations and so do the candidates!

Portugal has an interesting approach when it comes to selection. The organisers, Programa Escolhas together with the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training, have publicised far and wide the Fit4Jobs initiative and have convened a high number of interested candidates to three different information sessions taking place next week (beginning April).

IMG_5580The information sessions will be the occasion to present the project to the potential candidates. Most of the candidates were selected directly by the Employment centre. At the first session the audience will consist of 80 graduates in disciplines such as Computer Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Sciences and Marketing and Publicity among others. The day after, the candidates invited all possess the secondary degree with levels 3 and 4 of the NQF (National qualification catalogue) in Marketing and Publicity; Secretarial and administrative work; Management and Administration; Electronics and Automation; Finance and Banking and Insurance, among others. On the third day the candidates will be those who have secondary degree and are registered in the professions of systems administrator; systems analyst; analyst and programmer and specialist computer networks just to name a few.

In addition to the candidates convened by the Employment Centre, Programa Escolhas has promoted the sessions among their 51 financed projects operating in the Lisbon metropolitan area. These are present in low socioeconomic areas and all projects serve to promote social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable contexts. The participants referred by the local projects, have the unique gateway to express their interest in being present in the sessions by filling the following questionnaire:

At the information session all participants will receive a brief questionnaire in order to measure the levels of knowledge and to see whether they have any advance training in the field of communication and information technologies. Based on the survey results and curriculum analysis the co-ordinators will make a short list of candidates selected for the interviews, and then finally select the participants to initiate the training in May. We wish our Portuguese Partner Programa Escolhas good luck with finding the right candidates and that for all it serves as an awareness raising exercise in the skills needed for the many digital jobs out there!

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