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FIT Ltd. is an industry-led initiative and a non for profit organisation (NGO) that works in close collaboration with the government and national training agencies. Its mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a “fast track” to marketable technical skills for those at risk of long term unemployment. Read more.


The Latvian ICT Association (LIKTA)


The Latvian ICT Association (LIKTA) is an NGO promoting further development of the Information Society in Latvia. It works toward increasing e-awareness and takes an active part in preparing professional ICT and digital skills programs.

Contact: Ms. Mara Jakobsone (LIKTA Vice-president)

The Langas i ateiti Association (LIA)


The Langas i ateiti Association (LIA) is an NGO that was founded by businesses to promote the use of Internet and e-services in Lithuania. Its main activities are stabilising Public Access Points (telecenters), training and encouragement of e-services use amongst citizens. Read more.

Programa Escolhas


Programa Escolhas (Choices programme) is a nationwide social inclusion programme of children and young people from vulnerable social economic backgrounds, promoted by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Read more.

The Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS)


The Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) is the network that connects all the ICT Professionals in Greece and promotes their interests. HePIS engages in a number of initiatives through a network that includes other IT societies, organisations, academia, NGOs, public and the private sector. Read more

The Telecentre Networking Community Association


The Telecentre Networking Community Association is a national non-profit that represents 8,000 telecenters in Spain and 3,000 facilitators working in them. Its main task is to connect Telecentre Networks Managers and to develop actions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of telecentres.

Contact: Ms. Lucia Aguilar (Project officer)

Telecentre Europe

Telecentre Europe

Telecentre Europe is an EU-wide association of telecentre networks based in Brussels, Belgium. It represents and connects  more than 50 European NGOs and other organisations active in social inclusion through ICT and imparting eskills in European libraries, telecentres and alike. Read more.

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