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Software production course completed in Portugal

Programa Escolhas, the FIT4Jobs project partner from Portugal, carried out the Fit4JOBS training-for-employment model in Portugal in partnership with a CINEL, a formal vocational training provider. The 275 hours of classroom training on the topic of Software Production has now come to an end. The next step will be an internship for the participants in the companies, which may result in concrete job placements.

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Almost every second youth in Greece or Spain are unemployed. Similar numbers are exhibited in Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, and Portugal. Other European countries struggle with over 20% of unemployment while the EU average still stands at 20.7% as of June 2015. What makes it so difficult for young people to find jobs? Are there not enough jobs available? Are youth not competent for available vacancies in the labor market?

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What companies look for in young ICT specialists

At the Annual conference of Telecentre Europe, held in Belgrade on 24th September this year, we had the occasion to hear perspectives from the industry on what skills they expect young people interested in ICT careers to have. Elmars Gengers, the CEO of “TIETO” Ltd ( Latvia), the leading IT services company in the Baltics, told us about the IT service industry, how it is adapting to the consumers and what kind of skills they look for when hiring.

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Youth employability in the spotlight in Belgrade

Each year FIT4Jobs project partner, Telecentre Europe, in its annual conference features a panel discussion where representatives of various stakeholder groups (private sectors, education, academia, civil society, etc.) look at an issue from different angles. This year the main conference panel in Belgrade will focus on youth employability. This is also a relevant topic for the FIT4Jobs project and the conference will bring together all the project partners, apart from organisations active in digital inclusion, skills and employablity.

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Programa Escolhas in Portugal: FIT4Jobs Partner profile

Programa Escolhas (the Choices Programme) is the Partner for FIT4JObs project in Portugal. It is the national programme of the Portuguese government for social inclusion under the Ministry of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and is part of the High Commission for Migration. The Programme was created to promote the social inclusion of children and youths of the most vulnerable communities, particularly the descendants of immigrants and ethnic minorities.

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