Fit Ltd. in Ireland

Fit Ltd. in Ireland

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FIT Ltd.  plans to organise in Ireland three training  courses with 20 participants each. The courses reflect some of the biggest skills shortages in Ireland: Web development, Social Media for Business and Systems & Networks. The courses will start in March and run for 3 months. The target audience for these courses are job seekers wishing to improve their ICT skills and find work in a role related to their skills.

FIT is an industry-led initiative which works in close collaboration with the Irish government departments and national education and training agencies, local development organisations and a host of community based organisations.

FIT’s mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills for those at risk of unemployment long term. It is the primary industry skills development initiative facilitating collaboration with government, education & training providers and disadvantaged communities to enable greater access to employment for marginalised job seekers.

FIT Ltd, a registered charity and not for profit organisation, was established in 1999. The Initiative develops and promotes technology-based programmes and career development opportunities for job seekers who have become detached from the labour market in an increasingly knowledge-based economy.Since it started in Dublin in 1999, FIT has expanded substantially and now operates across the Republic of Ireland. More recently FIT has commenced programmes in Northern Ireland under the banner FIT-NI.

To date, over 16,000 job seekers have completed FIT skills development programmes of which over 12,000 progressed into employment. 3,000 job seekers are currently participating in FIT programmes.

Recently the European Commission cited FIT as one of the most effective employability initiatives in Europe.

Contact: Manus Hanratty ( Fit4Jobs Project Manager)




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