Fit4jobs is a successful tool for recruiters

Fit4jobs is a successful tool for recruiters

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) in cooperation with the Ltd. Lattelecom Call Center successfully trained a group of young people and got them on internships in the city of Liepaja. One of the success factors was a close collaboration with the employer from the start and the employer’s involvement in all stages of the Fit4jobs training.

Ltd. Lattelecom Call Center was searching for employees to work in the IT customer service. However, it is not always easy to find candidates with adequate understanding of IT and different equipment but also with strong social skills. The main challenge is to find someone who has the knowledge of technology and also good Russian language skills needed to work with clients in Latvia. Usually potential employees are young people aged 18-25 who have recently graduated from schools or universities, and have no work experience.

Liepaja_workThe testing process, applied in the selection before interviews with potential candidates, was highly rated by the Latvian employer. During the training and internship period, the employer also used the tests with other candidates outside of the project to evaluate results and compare them between different training groups. Lattelecom has observed that trainees, who have reached more than 50% in Fit4jobs tests, have been successfully trained for acquiring the necessary skills and getting to understand the training materials. Candidates whose performance was less than 50% were also invited to participate in the training, but they had difficulties to perceive the training material and the training process was more difficult for them as a whole. Fit4jobs tests have proved to be an excellent start and a successful tool for recruiters because different skill sets can be assessed.

Overall the tests could help to devise a training program taking into account weaknesses and strengths of a candidate.

“In particular, we require that the person demonstrates logical thinking, customer service knowledge, numerical thinking, visual perception, basic IT skills – all of these blocks are also included in the test. By evaluating these test results it is possible to understand what the candidate’s weak point is and make the decision whether this is a right candidate for a specific job or not”, says the training expert Alona Rastihina, Ltd. Lattelecom Call Center.

Young people who participated in the Fit4jobs project have successfully blended in because during the training they have worked with the current staff of Lattelecom. Mentoring techniques are used quite often as well, as they also contribute to the integration of new employees.

Alona Rastihina concludes:

“As an employer I appreciate the work done by young people. It is nice to see that the result which was achieved during the testing and training phase also contributes to the practical work during the internship. Generally, these participants quickly perceive new information and are able to apply it in their daily work.”

Fit4jobs testing as part of recruitment has helped Lattelecom to select young people with good and excellent skills that matched job requirements.

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