Fighting youth unemployment in Latvia

Fighting youth unemployment in Latvia

The first Latvian fit4jobs trainees have just started in the city of Rezekne. Read all about the experience there and how one company is making a difference.  

The overall goal of the fit4jobs project is to implement a number of employer-supported ICT skill trainings that connect trainees with actual work opportunities in collaborating companies. In March this year, in the city of Rezekne, the fit4jobs Project partner in Latvia – LIKTA,  started cooperation with Lattelecom, the leading electronic communications service provider in the country.

Young people were offered the opportunity to enrol in a tailored training for employment programme as customer service specialist for Lattlecom’s BPO Contact Centre. Young people aged 15 to 25 years were invited to take aptitude tests in order to assess their suitability for the customer service specialist position, which comprises both ICT skills and communication skills.  As a result 12 young people were selected, and have since started their 13-week training. During the course participants will learn “by doing” through communication with clients and colleagues. They will learn how to work with customer management software (CRM)  as well as other practical skills by working with clients under the guidance of experienced colleagues.

” We are particularly happy about the collaboration with the Ltd. Lattelecom BPO Contact Center and the opportunity to involve young people in the project specifically in the region of Latgale in the city of Rezekne, which has the highest unemployment rate out of all the cities in Latvia – 15.2% “: says Mara Jakobsone the Vice-President of LIKTA.

“The main advantage of a training-for-employment programme for an employer is that it allows to prepare the employees according to the company’s needs. This is the best solution to bridge the gap between the job seekers’ existing skills and labour market needs.”: says Agnese Paegle, Chairman of the Board of Lattelecom BPO.


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