Employers should be involved in tackling the shortage of ICT specialists

Employers should be involved in tackling the shortage of ICT specialists

Association Langas į ateitį  has partnered with the State Unemployment Agency to attract young job-seekers to ICT sector by running FIT4Jobs activities. On 7 April the State Unemployment Agency in Vilnius gathered ICT employers and recruiters for a debate on youth employability in Lithuania.

Nine representatives discussed about the demand of ICT and IT specialists in the country and the role of employers in closing this gap. According to the latest data, ICT sector in Lithuania offers around 30,000 job vacancies. It is predicted that 10,000 ICT vacancies will be unfilled in Lithuania by 2020. The director of Vilnius State Unemployment Agency Juozas Kankevicius highlighted the necessity to actively work with employers to address this issue.

Loreta Krizinauskiene, the director of Association Langas į ateitį, presented the results of FIT4Jobs project which is a great example of engaging with companies in preparing ICT specialists.

‘The training programme of FIT4Jobs was shaped based on the input of Lithuanian employers who need ICT professionals. Our experience revealed that it is crucial to involve employers in such initiatives from the very start,’ said L. Krizinauskiene who sees a great potential to continue similar training-for-employment models in the near future.

Source: http://www.ldb.lt/Informacija/Veikla/Naujienos/UserDisplayForm.aspx?ID=7305

Photo credits: Lietuvos Darbo Birža (Lithuanian State Unemployment Agency).

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